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At DRP Performance Products, we want to earn your trust and we make it clear why we’re here.

1. Product Testing

We go to great lengths to separate theory from fact. The best way to accomplish this is by product testing. We build custom test fixtures, use data acquisition, computer modeling, and track testing to determine if a product really is better and by how much. Testing takes lots of time and requires substantial financial investment, but we believe it is our job to bring you the truth, not just our opinion.

2. Share Our Knowledge

In racing, knowledge equals speed. It is our desire to share what we learn through our research and development and to continually educate our customers. We’re developing better ways to do this, but you can currently access our knowledge base via internet. Our website has a collection of tech articles and resources available and tech tips are posted on our Facebook page regularly. DRPUniversity, our YouTube channel, has an archive of tech and training videos and you can attend seminars we hold at our shop and at our dealers around the country.

3. Build the Best Products

Almost every product we build originated right here in our shop. We’re blessed with ideas and the ability to develop those original ideas into exceptional quality automotive racing components. We are never satisified and continually strive to improve everything. Sometimes we goof, but we always fix it. We are dedicated to delivering you the best products available.

4. Eternally Focused

While we put tremendous effort in designing and building great automotive racing components, our true focus is on Jesus, our Savior. We recognize God’s ownership of this company is our stewardship responsibility to Him. This recognition is not a proclamation of perfection; it is, in fact, the opposite. We realize our imperfection and need for a Savior.

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