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Race Car Window Nets

Since 1970s, most racing organizations have requires that vehicles have race car netting to prevent driver appendages from dangling outside of the vehicle during a crash.

Race car window nets have since become a vital part of a driver’s safety gear. In dirt track races, they prevent dirt and mud from entering the cabin. In circle track and drag racing, they form a vital communication system in the event of a crash.

Day Motor Sports stocks a variety of SFI and non-SFI rated race car window nets, including drag car window nets, sprint car window nets, and other.

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RaceQuip Window Nets

RaceQuip is one of the most popular manufacturers of safety gear out there today. They combine high-quality materials and construction at a price point that everyone–including the pros–can appreciate.

Day Motor Sports offers a range of RaceQuip window nets. Our inventory includes both SFI and non-SFI ratted race car window nets, including those designed for sprint cars, drag cars, and other smaller vehicles.

SFI-Rated Window Nets

Hybrid Nets

RaceQuip hybrid nets include a combination of heavy duty mesh and 1” polypropylene webbing. The webbing helps ensure the driver remains in the vehicle, while the mesh prevents dirt, mud, and debris from entering the cabin.

Ribbon Nets

Ribbon nets are a classic style of race netting RaceQuip’s ribbon netting is constructed from 1” polyproylene webbing and nylon thread, both of which provide an incredibly sturdy and durable netting that will stand up to heavy usage.

Mesh Nets

A lot of drivers prefer mesh because of its better field of vision, and RaceQuip mesh netting is constructed from heavy-duty polypropylene mesh and nylon thread, which creates a durable product that’s SFI-rated.

Roll Cage Nets

RaceQuip’s triangle roll cage net was designed for use in a sprint car or midget chassis. On full-size racing vehicles, it can serve as a helmet support net. It’s built with 1” polypropylene webbing to provide maximum strength.

Sprint Car Window Nets

RaceQuip’s sprint car window netting has five adjustable mounting point so it can be used in a variety of applications–everything from quarter midgets to a full-size stock car.

Drag Car Window Nets

RaceQuip’s drag window net is constructed from heavy-duty 1” polypropylene webbing & nylon thread. It features a unique design and shape–a shorter right side–that will enable drivers to eliminate the need for a custom-made net.

Non-SFI Rated Window Nets

Although not SFI-rated, RaceQuip’s standard window nets feature the same solid, durable construction as their SFI rated netting.

Ribbon Window Nets

RaceQuip ribbon window nets feature 1” polypropylene webbing and nylon stitches. These create an incredibly durable product, and these window nets come in assortment of colors. Fits most common window sizes.

Mesh Window Nets

RaceQuip’s mesh window nets are built from durable polypropylene mesh, which helps them withstand impacts. This window netting is 18” high and 24” wide, ensuring that it fits in most race car windows.