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OPTIMA BATTERIES - product showcase

With a 40-year history of technological innovation and engineering, OPTIMA® products offer unstoppable power for extreme enthusiasts and others who require THE ULTIMATE POWER SOURCE®. In the 1970s, OPTIMA® Batteries introduced the first maintenance-free lead acid batteries for commercial and military use and the first high‐performance AGM automotive batteries. OPTIMA® innovation didn’t stop there.

OPTIMA® revolutionized the industry with the introduction of its unique SPIRALCELL® TECHNOLOGY as well as developing their first digital battery charger and maintainer. In 2017 OPTIMA® added even more sizes to their product line with the introduction of two DIN fitments (H6 & H7). These new DIN sizes bring the best-in-class material purity enthusiasts expect from OPTIMA® Batteries to flat-plate AGM construction.

Look for the distinctive OPTIMA SIX PACK™ shape to get THE ULTIMATE POWER SOURCE® every day, everywhere

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