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Tire Groovers, Measuring Tools, Sipers, And Grinding Discs

Day Motor Sports stocks a variety of tools that will help you get the most out of your racing tires and rims. We have tire groovers and grinding dics that will allow you to improve the traction and performance of your tires on the track. We stock both groover replacement blades and other important parts.

We also stock the full suite of tire measurement tools, including tread depth gauges, tire pressure gauges, and pyrometers. Our measurement tools are selected based on their accuracy, ease of use, and durability. Shop today to find the tools that will help you gauge tire performance and get the most out of your racing tires.

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Racing Air Pressure Gauges

While the regular “pen” style tire pressure gauge may be more than enough for a street vehicle, racing vehicles require a gauge with more accuracy. The speed with which they can measure, as well as being able to bleed air if necessary, are also important features.

The biggest choice to make when purchasing a racing tire pressure gauge is whether to buy an analogue or digital gauge. Day Motor Sports stocks both styles of tire gauges, and both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Analogue Pressure Gauges

Analogue pressure gauges are slightly more common than digital ones. They’re normally accurate and, because they’re mechanical, they’re more reliable over the long haul. They’re also more affordable across the board. This makes them an excellent choice for racing enthusiasts.

Analogue tired pressure gauges aren’t as accurate as digital pressure gauges, though. They can be difficult to get precise readings from at a glance, as well. This means that they wind up being excellent for getting close to the proper amount of pressure in a tire, and can do so quickly.

There are two broad types of analogue pressure gauges. The first is a dry gauge. The second is a liquid pressure gauge. Liquid pressure gauges tend to be more accurate, but they also aren’t as sturdy as dry gauges.

Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital tire pressure gauges are becoming increasingly popular in the racing world. They’re incredibly accurate across all pressures for which they’re calibrated and rates. They’re also easy to read at a glance and allow a measure of precision that analogue gauges can’t match.

The biggest drawback to digital gauges is their cost and the fact that they don’t last as long as analogue gauges. They can also be a little more fragile than analogue gauges and require extra care to maintain their calibration.

Racing Pyrometers

Day Motor Sports stocks a variety of tire pyrometers that will help you measure tire performance and identify any trouble spots before they affect the vehicle’s racing performance. There are two popular types of racing pyrometers: infrared pyrometers and probe pyrometers.

Infrared Pyrometers

An infrared tire pyrometer is a valuable tool that will allow you to measure the surface area of tires, the track, the engine--literally almost anything. The main drawback with them though is that they only provide a surface reading. The surface heat will be quite a bit coolor than the interior of the tire, and an infrared pyrometer might not be able to directly identify trouble spots.

Probe Pyrometers

Probe pyrometers are much more accurate than infrared ones, and they will provide accurate readings of surface and interior temperatures of your tires. Of course, because they require proximity, they’re a little more cumbersome to use than their infrared counterparts.

There’s a place in your racing team for both tools, infrared for quick readings and probe readings for more indepth and delineated ones. Day Motor Sports stocks both styles, all the most accurate and durable available on the market.

Racing Tread Depth Gauges (Durometers)

A tire tread depth gauge will help you calculate the wear on your tires or appropriately groove them so they have better traction. They’re a valuable tool that will let you assess exactly when your tires need to be replaced, saving money on them over the long haul.

Day Motor Sports’ stock of depth gauges come in both analogue and digital varieties. Analogue durometers are more durable and tend to both last longer and cost less. Digital durometers are easier to ready and provide more accurate readings.

Whichever you choose, you can trust that Day Motor Sports only offers the best, most accurate racing durometers.