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Racing Hubs

Day Motor Sports offers a range of high-performance racing hubs. Racing hubs cut the weight of your vehicle, and the ones available at Day Motor Sports are incredibly strong, leading to a smoother, safer racing experience.

Day Motor Sports also stocks a variety of racing hub accessories, including spacers, bearings, a variety of nuts, seals, and more. Whatever your performance hub needs, we’ll be able to help find you the perfect solution.

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Wilwood Racing Hubs

Cast from aircraft-grade aluminum, Wilwood’s Starlite 55 hubs maximize the strength of the assembly while minimizing its weight. Wilwood’s Starlite Wide 5 hubs are the product of engineering the next generation of Wide 5 hubs and use only a 5 bolt flange instead of 8, which makes the hub lighter--less than 7 pounds.

The Starlike 55XD is an even further evolution from the Starlite 55. Rather than having eight bosses, Starlite cut them down to 5 and forged them at the strongest part of the hub. This allows race teams using a floating rotor/adapter set up to have a high-strength, durable hub.

Winters Hub Kits

Winters Hubs offer two versions of their popular 5 by 5 hubs. The traditional hub offers strength and resilience. They’re perfect for circle track or dirt track racing and offer a lightweight hub that can withstand the rigors of both races.

The platinum hub is scalloped, cutting its weight by more than a pound without sacrificing strength or stability. These hubs will provide a smooth, more stable ride while preserving fuel stores--just the edge you need to pull off a win.