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We build all our Kirkey racing seats and covers entirely in-house at our modern manufacturing facility with quality workmanship. We use only the finest quality materials available. Our comfortable and stylish Kirkey seat covers are die cut so each one fits the way it was intended. Each seat has been designed and engineered with CAD-CAM and built using CNC cutting, forming and welding technologies. By using the latest in technology we can keep our costs down and pass them on to you. We are proud of the reputation we have earned. Our business experience has always been that you can pay too much for something or pay too little. If you pay to little, it usually costs you more in the long run because a low-cost product rarely does what it's supposed to. It breaks, and you wind up buying the product you really wanted in the first place. That's why we never scrimp on material or workmanship when we build our racing seat covers. Browse Kirkey racing seats and Kirkey seat covers below.

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