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Master Cylinders

The “feel” of a brake pedal is something most drivers have a difficult time articulating. Builders can spend dozens of man hours perfecting the performance of their car’s brakes, all while ensuring that they “feel right” for the driver.

The vehicle’s master cylinder is going to be responsible not only for brake performance but for the way they “feel” to the driver. Of course, your competition is going to determine which master cylinder is appropriate for your application also.

Day Motor Sports offers a variety of master cylinders. We carry each model in a variety of bore sizes to ensure that your braking performance and pedal feel is exactly how you want it.

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Master Cylinder Options

Bore Size

Bore size is fundamental to creating the pedal feel and brake performance your build needs. A larger bore will provide more fluid to the brakes while a smaller bore will provide less. Getting the right mixture is fundamental to ensuring brake performance.


Your car’s braking system needs will determine which reservoir you select for your master cylinder. Some of our offerings come with multiple reservoirs to help ensure you have one big enough for your needs.

Single Or Tandem

For smaller cars, like sprint, micro sprint, and midget cars, you won’t need a tandem master cylinder. For drag racing and larger vehicles, a tandem master cylinder will independently power your front and rear disc brakes.

Wilwood Master Cylinders

Wilwood is the undisputed leader in racing disc brake technology. They’ve managed to manufacture some of the best disc brake and disc brake parts in the world, and Day Motor Sports stocks a variety of their products that are perfect for your build and race.

Wilwood Compact Remote MC

Wilwood’s compact offering measures just a little under 4 inches. It’s smaller than a roll of quarters and is perfect for sprint, mini spring, and midget racing applications. If space is a concern, this part is perfect for you.

Wilwood Aluminum MC

Wilwood’s large reservoir aluminum master cylinder is perfect for traditionally-sized performance cars, drag racing, and stock cars. Its large reservoir can handle multiple configurations with plenty of fluid to spare, if needed.

Wilwood Remote MC

Wilwood’s Remote Master Cylinder is perfect for applications where space is at a premium. They don’t sacrifice performance because of their small size, either: they meet or exceed performance standards for full-size master cylinders.

Wilwood Tandem MC

Wilwood’s tandem master cylinder offers the best brake performance. They’re capable of a variety of configurations, including separate reservoirs for both your front and rear disc brakes, in just one small package.

Wilwood Clutch MC

Wilwood’s Clutch Master Cylinder can be used for either your clutch pedal or for smaller brake applications. As with other Wilwood products, they offer peak performance capability while maximising space under the hood.

AFCO Master Cylinders

AFCO Racing is a well-known manufacturer of performance car parts, and the AFCO aluminum master cylinder provides excellent performance at an affordable price point.