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  • Color

  • Size

  • Bolt Pattern

  • Wheel Backspacing

  • Rate

  • Bend

  • Thread

  • Orientation

  • Configuration

  • Bore Size

  • Rotor Thickness

  • GM Metric

  • Diameter

  • Style

  • Type

  • Weight

  • Compound

  • Compression

  • Rebound

  • Stroke

  • Application

  • Material

  • Length

  • Height

  • Width

  • Sale Status

  • Series

  • Fitting Connection 1

  • Fitting Connection 2

  • Interchange Part


More than 30 years ago, AFCO racing products and performance parts first answered the simple need for better racing suspension. AFCO racing shocks and suspension components quickly earned a reputation for giving a racing team an advantage. Today, the AFCO advantage can be found in thousands of performance products for not only suspension, but also for AFCO racing radiators, exhaust, brakes and cooling.

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