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Find Racing Harnesses & Seat Belts At Day Motor Sports

Day Motor Sports offers some of the most popular RaceQuip, G-Force, Ultra Shield, and Simpson seat belts, harnesses, and restraints on the market.

The seat belt harness is the foundation of each team’s driver safety program, and since 1975 RaceQuip has provided race teams with affordable, high-quality safety products to protect their drivers during a crash.

Our inventory includes RaceQuip 5 point harnesses, 6 point harnesses, and 4 point harnesses. It also includes both latch and link and camlock styles.

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About RaceQuip Racing Harnesses

All RaceQuip harnesses are built using premium 3” polyester webbing and drop-forged steel coated in cadmium for extra durability.

RaceQuip harnesses are designed to be installed in racing vehicles with a roll bar or roll cage installed and are not designed for use in other vehicles or street vehicles.

RaceQuip harnesses are mounted by wrapping them around a roll bar or bolting them in place. Snap-in ends and eye bolts are sold separately.

RaceQuip Latch & Link Harnesses

RaceQuip manufactures a wide selection of latch & link harnesses. RaceQuip latch and link harnesses use a pull down design. For ease of installation, each belt can be adjusted from either end.

SFI 16.1 Rated RaceQuip Harnesses - 5 Point

RaceQuip’s SFI 16.1 latch & link 5 point harnesses are their most popular model because they combine high-quality craftsmanship, excellent materials, great safety ratings, and affordability. RaceQuip’s 5 point racing harnesses are the go-to for a lot of race teams, no matter what kind of track they’re on.

HANS/HNR RaceQuip 5 Point Harnesses

RaceQuip’s 5-point HANS/HNR harness uses a small buckle design and includers twin, individual shoulder straps that are 2” wide. These straps accommodate a HANS/HNR system that can provide added protection for your driver.

SFI 16.1 Rated RaceQuip Harnesses - 6 Point

RaceQuip’s 6-point design provides your driver added comfort when driving and extra protection of vital organs during a crash. RaceQuip’s 6-point latch & link harness features 3” straps and cadmium-coated drop-forged steel hardware.

HANS/HNR RaceQuip 6 Point Harnesses

This RaceQuip 6-point harness has individual twin shoulder belts with 2” straps to more easily accommodate a HANS/HNR system. They’re manufactured with the same quality materials and craftsmanship as RaceQuip’s other 6 point harnesses.

SFI 16.1 Rated RaceQuip Harnesses - 4 Point

RaceQuip’s 4 point harness is a V-type harness with premium 3” polyester webbing and a 2” crotch strap. Each strap is double-adjustable, and the harness is designed for pull-down tightening.

RaceQuip Camlock Harnesses

RaceQuip’s camlock harnesses feature an aluminum cam buckle for increased durability while remaining lightweight.

RaceQuip FIA 6-Point Harnesses

RaceQuip’s line of FIA certified 6 point harnesses are manufactured with 3” and 2” durable polyester webbing woven with monofilament for increased strength and comfort. They feature a dual-direction camlock to be simple to operate while minimizing accidental unlatching.

RaceQuip’s FIA 6-point harnesses come in a variety of styles, from those with 2” straps, Euro Sub belts, and a pull-down configuration.

6-Point FIA HANS/FHR Configurations

RaceQuip offers two configurations of FIA 6-point harnesses that can accommodate a HANS/FHR device. Each offers a 2” shoulder belt for the HANS/FHR system and pull-up adjusters.

The pull-down configuration allows the driver to adjust their own straps and feature quick adjust dual crotch straps.

RaceQuip 5 Point Camlock Harness

The Sportsman 5 Point Camlock harness from RaceQuip features a lightweight aluminum camlock that doesn’t sacrifice durability. The camlock uses a 45 degree right or left unlatch movement that prevents accidentally opening the seat belt.