• Color

  • Wire Size

  • Boot Angle

  • Dist. Plug Style

  • Engine Cylinders

  • Engine Type

  • Wire Route

  • Cut-To-Fit

  • Sleeved

  • HEI

  • Vacuum Advance

  • Locked-Out Timing

  • Dual Pickup


Performance Distributors is leading the way in racing and performance ignition systems. Continuing to engineer products which allow you to “feel the power” is the goal of Steve Davis, President of Performance Distributors. A top notch R & D program, along with stringent product quality is the key to achieving this goal year after year. Kelly Davis, the founder of Performance Distributors (Steve’s father), designed the industry’s first H.E.I. Performance Distributor. Kelly, who had a background in drag racing and hot rodding, mastered the science (and art) of setting advance curves. This unique science was passed on to Steve, and the company is now the most respected in the world for their advance curve technology. Browse Performance Distributors products below.

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