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Racing Gloves at Day Motor Sports

Whether you are looking for great protection, style, comfort or all three - we have you covered! Our auto racing gloves are offered in several different styles, colors and brands. We offer Impact, RaceQuip, Simpson, Velocita, and Zamp car racing gloves in an assortment of sizes. We offer SFI 3.3/1 and SFI 3.3/5.

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Car Racing Glove Buying Guide


The primary thing you should be looking for is the protection the racing gloves offer. You should also consider what your racing authority requires in terms of protection and rating.


You want to ensure your car driving gloves fit well and don’t slip around while you’re driving. Most manufacturers provide charts to help you find the gloves that fit perfectly.


Deciding on the style of cuff is a personal choice, and there’s no “right” cuff for you. Wide cuffs are designed to go over your racing suit. Narrow cuffs tuck into it.


You may be wearing these gloves for a long time and in a variety of weather conditions. Look for options like external stitching to help prevent chafing on your hands.


Grip is another personal preference. A lot of gloves use leather grips, which lasts long but doesn’t have the same amount of grip as more modern materials.

RaceQuip Racing Gloves

RaceQuip has been a favorite of racing teams since 1975. Professionals and amateurs alike love RaceQuip’s driver-oriented design, quality manufacturing & materials, and affordability.

RaceQuip always strives to manufacture SFI-rated safety gear that exceeds its rating, providing superior protection at a price point that’s accessible for amateurs and protective enough for professionals.

RaceQuip 350 Series

RaceQuip’s 350 series racing gloves is the entry point for most drivers. While it isn’t SFI rated, it is constructed from flame-retardant Nomex. It features a white leather palm that provides better grip and durability.

RaceQuip 355 Series

RaceQuip’s 355 Series of racing gloves in a two layer, SFI-5 rated driving glove that has been designed–and priced–for those driver’s looking for more protection. It features a high-back suede upper and padded leather grip.

RaceQuip 356 Series

The 356 series is a double layer racing glove that’s SFI-5 rated. The 356 features a reverse seam that provides more comfort and better wheel grip. A high grip palm and mitered fingers ensure that this glove fits and feels better.

RaceQuip 358 Series

The 358s are double layer gloves that are rated SFI-5. They feature a long, angle-cut gauntlet for extra fire protection on the arms. The palms feature high grip leather that’s reinforced with extra padding–both adding comfort and wheel grip.

RaceQuip 359 Series

RaceQuip’s 359 racing gloves are SFI-5 rated and feature a long, angle-cut gauntlet and reverse seams. This style of racing gloves are popular at the highest levels of racing, including NASCAR and Indy Car because they maximize comfort and protection.