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RaceQuip Helmets

RaceQuip has been providing some of the best value in racing safety equipment since 1975. Since then, they’ve developed a reputation for affordable, high-quality racing gear that keeps your drivers and your pit crews safe.

RaceQuip manufactures SFI and FIA certified equipment for a variety of races, and the selection of RaceQuip helmets at Day Motor Sports features their most popular racing helmets and visors.

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RaceQuip Pro20 Helmet

The RaceQuip Pro 20 is manufactured by injecting composite materials into pressurized steel molds to create an incredibly strong–and light–safety helmet.

The helmet includes HANS anchor points, adjustable cheek pads, and a silicone eyeport gasket that keeps out dirt, dust, and other debris.

It’s Snell SA rating ensures that the lining, interior, paint, and kevlar chin strap are all flame retardant.

RaceQuip Pro20 Top & Side Air Variants

The RaceQuip Pro20 Top & Side air variants feature all the benefits of the RaceQuip Pro20 with an air intake manifold with a barb that fits a 1.25” round hose.

The air inlets feature a low profile, ensuring that they fit into almost any car without affecting your driver’s peripheral vision or freedom of movement.

RaceQuip Vesta20 Helmets

The RaceQuip Vesta20 is manufactured with pre-preg carbon fiber and Kevlar injected into pressurized steel molds. This creates a full-face helmet that provides superior protection without added weight.

The Vesta20’s design features a uniquely-shaped chin bar that accommodates a scalloped faceshield, which makes the RaceQuip Vesta20’s unique design stand out from the competition.

The Vesta20’s wide eyeport design allows for excellent peripheral vision and corrective eyewear. It’s Snell SA rated, and the lining, interior, paint, and kevlar chin strap are all flame retardant, making this helmet suitable for a variety of race types.

The helmet’s fit is customizable and it includes thicker cheek pads for a closer fit.

RaceQuip Open Face Helmet

The RaceQuip open face helmet merges classic style, modern production techniques, and hand crafting. HANS and other head-and-neck restraints can be easily bolted on to this helmet to increase your driver’s safety.

The open face design and wide eyeport allow for maximum peripheral vision while preserving the ability to wear corrective or protective eyewear. The NOMEX interior and venting also keeps your head cool.

The SA rating for the OF20 indicates that the paint and interior are all fire retardant, making this helmet suitable for all races that feature a closed cockpit.

RaceQuip Racing Helmet Visors

Day Motor Sports stocks replacement visors for both the Vesta20 and the Pro20 helmets. RaceQuip helmet visors come in a variety of colors, including:

  • Clear
  • Dark smoke
  • Amber
  • Mirror
  • Blue Iridium

Each visor is composed of 3mm thick, high-strength polycarbonate. They include a visor strip and tear off posts. They’re designed to be used with RaceQuip helmets and make a perfect way to personalize your driver’s helmet.

RaceQuip Racing Helmet Size Chart

Helmet Size



Hat Size


20 to 20 7/8

51 to 53

6 3/8 to 6 5/8


  20 to 20 1/2

51 to 52

6 3/8 to 6 1/2


20 7/8 to 21 1/4

53 to 54

6 5/8 to 6 3/4


21 5/8 to 22 1/16

55 to 56

6 7/8 to 7


22 7/16 to 22 7/8

57 to 58

7 1/8 to 7 1/4


23 1/4 to 23 5/8

59 to 60

7 3/8 to 7 1/2


24 to 24 3/8

61 to 62

7 5/8 to 7 3/4


24 13/16 to 25 3/16

63 to 64

7 7/8 to 8


25 1/2+


8 1/8+