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Sprint Car Wheels

Sprint Car racing wheels are an important part of your sprint car and can make the difference between a win and a loss, especially if your car isn’t winged. Day Motorsports’ selection of Weld and Keizer sprint wheels can give your team the edge it needs. Whether you’re looking for complete wheels or the components to build your set, Day Motorsports has what you need.

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Keizer Sprint Car Wheels

Keizer Wheels designs some of the best sprint wheels available on the market. They’re dedicated to providing some of the best wheels in the open-wheel racing world. Each wheel has a double-walled, outer rolled lip and other unique design features make these some of the lightest and strongest wheels available on the market.

Our inventory includes direct mount wheels, inner beadlock wheels, outer beadlock wheels, and hubs. Whether you’re riding with a wing or without one, Keizer Wheels will ensure you have the traction you need to win.

Weld Sprint Car Wheels

Weld Wheels is known for its aftermarket and racing wheels. They’re founded by a sprint car racer and originally designed only sprint wheels. They have 50 years of experience designing some of the best sprint car wheels on the market, and Day Motorsports has the Weld Racing inventory to get your race team an edge.

Weld Racing’s wheels all have weld’s patented roll-forged lip that keeps tires in contact with the rim, and our Weld inventory also features spline wheels with both inner and outer beadlocks. We also have Weld wheel hubs and rims available. If you’re looking to get the edge you need to win, our selection of Weld sprint car wheels will do it.