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Total Power Racing Batteries available from Day Motor Sports

Total Power Racing Batteries has posted wins across various classes from off road truck, sand racing, circle track dirt, and many more. Total Power Racing Batteries are vibration and shock resistant, from surviving non-incidental racing to multi-flip rollovers, these batteries are dependable and durable enough for use in even the most severe applications. Originally created to power the F-117 Stealth, B-2 Bomber, and many others, this is not your ordinary battery. All Total Power batteries are hand made to rigorous military standards, they provide superior vibration and shock resistance, flawless performance in all environments, a non-spillable / maintenance free design, AGM construction, capable of being mounted in virtually any position and deliver up to a whopping 1500 cranking amps from a lightweight battery you can count on.

· All batteries are hand made in ISO 9001:2000 Certified facilities.
· Non-Spillable / Maintenance Free design. The case will not leak if damaged. Mounts in virtually any position.
· Exceptionally low internal resistance that generates greater starting power and allows for faster recharging time.
· 20% lighter than comparable "light-weight" batteries of equal power.
· Superior shock and vibration resistance due to AGM construction.
· Inter-cell connectors are twice the normal size to prevent unwanted failures.
· Every TOTAL POWER Racing Battery is fully charged and tested prior to shipment.

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