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American Racer offers a wide range of dirt track racing tires. Whether you race in open competition classes or race under a spec tire rule, we have a tire that will cover the field. We have hundreds of sizes, constructions, and compounds that are sure to meet your needs. We know winning requires selecting the right tire for the changing condition that dirt track racers must predict during a racing event. Let one of our dirt track racing experts help you translate your track conditions to success.

Day Motor Sports is the American Racer Tire distributor for the Southwest Territory.

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If you need tires shipped outside of our territory please see the American Racer Tire website to find the distributor for your area.

CP - Compound
TT - Tire Tread
TW - Tire Width
SW - Section Width
AD - Approx. Diameter
AC - Approx. Circumference
RW - Rim Width
All measurements in inches.