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Looking for American Racer dirt track tires for sale? You’ll find them here.

American Racer is the most sought after brand of dirt track tires in the nation. When you’re looking for dirt track tires for sale, you need something built to last. American Racer tires are to protect your car and yourself.

Additionally, modlite, sprint, and other dirt track races wear your tires down fast. The longer you can make your tires last, the more you reduce your cost. American Racer G60-15 tires and other models are known for their durability. The secret is in the manufacturing. American Racer’s dirt track tires are designed and constructed with a softer compound. So your sidewalls and tire tread dances with the track while you’re driving without wearing down.

This makes your G60 15’s, AR970’s, and other race car tires last longer than most other sprint car tires.

American Racer tires has a wide range of race car tires for sale, so you can choose various section widths, tire sizes, tread width, tread patterns, and more depending on the types of racing you prefer.

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Whether you need late model tires, American Racer ATV tires, or other dirt track racing tires for sale, you’ll find what you need at Day Motor Sports.

Our tire sizes include the G60 15KK, AR500, and many more! American Racer G60 15 tires are our most popular.

Winning a race takes much more than stomping on the gas pedal without letting up. A great racer has to think about everything from the motor to the body to the tires.

No matter what kind of car you drive, if you race on the flat track and are looking for race tires, we have what you need.

American Racer Asphalt Tires For Sale

Late Model, Modified/Sprint, Street Stock, DOT Street Stock, Midget/Mini-Stock and Mini-Cup

American Racer’s line of asphalt race track tires surpasses other brands because they prioritize the driver’s needs over profit. Day Motor Sports is a proud distributor of American Racer tires because they offer an affordable tire with a reliable design that lasts longer than other asphalt take off tires.

Whether you’re looking for super late model asphalt racing tires, racing tire slicks, or something else, we have what you’re looking for.

Day Motor Sports is the American Racer Tire distributor for the Southwest Territory.

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If you need tires shipped outside of our territory please see the American Racer Tire website to find the distributor for your area.

CP - Compound
TT - Tire Tread
TW - Tire Width
SW - Section Width
AD - Approx. Diameter
AC - Approx. Circumference
RW - Rim Width
All measurements in inches.