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Reference Diagram: Replacements Parts for Brinn Transmission (#70001 & #70010)

171001Allen Bolt (5/16"-18 x 7/8")
271002Roll Pin
371003Shift Lever O-ring
471004Detent Spring
571005Lockout Spring
671006Lockout Detent Ball
771007Vent Assembly
871008Front Bearing
971009Allen Bolt
1071010Front Retaining Ring
1171011Front Seal
1271012In/out Joint Bushing
1371013Thrust Washer (.060-.063 thick)
1471015Countershaft Bearing
1571016Spring Return-Clutch
1671017Clutch Pressure Disc-Steel
1771018Metallic Fricition Disc
18710191st Gear Bearing
2071021Rear Clutch Disc, .183" thick
2171022Retaining Ring
2371024Retaining Ring
2471025Thrust, .154-.151
2571026Needle Thrust Bearing
2671027Bleeder Assembly
2771029Roll Pin
2871030Pin-Clutch Actuator
2971031Roll Pin
3071032Thrust Washer, .092-.095
3171033Needle Thrust Bearing
3271034Allen Bolt
3371035Slave Cylinder O-ring
3471037Grease Fitting
71039Pro Series Magnetic Drain Plug
3671040Rear Bushing & Seal Kit
3771041Transmission Case Plug
3871042Allen Bolt
3971043Lock Washer, 5/16"
4071046Lower Shaft Pin O-ring
4171049Counter Gear Bearing
 71050Needle/Ball Bearing Combo
71051Retaining Ring
 71055Ball Bearing
4271059Magnetic Drain Plug - 70001
4571064Brass Tip Dog Point Set Screw
4671065Set Screw, Retaining
4772001Side Cover Bare-70001 & 70010
4872002Main Case for 70001
5072004Seal Plate
72022Side Cover Assem.-70001 & 70010
4972024Tail Housing Assem. - 70001
5173001Reverse Shift Fork
5273002High/Low Shift Fork
5373003Shift Lever
5473005Reverse Shift Rod
5573006First - High Shift Rod
5673007Forward Clutch Ring
5773009Thrust Race, Internal Shaft
5873010Guide Shaft
5973011Reverse Idler Shaft
6073012Bearing Spacer
6173013Slave Cylinder Housing
6273014Retainer, Intermediate Shaft
6373015Clutch Actuator Piston
6473016Lockout Detent Pin
6573017Detent Ball
6773021Reverse Shifter Lever
6973023Lock Washer
7073024High - Low Shift Lever
7173025Set Screw
7273026Plastic Plug
7373029Roll Pin
7473031Output Shaft Spacer
7574002Driven Gear
7674004Reverse Idler Gear w/ Bushing
 74005High - Low Dog Ring
7774006Clutch Drum
7874007Gear, Driver Reverse
7974008Intermediate Shaft
8074010Output Shaft
8174011Gear, First Driven
8274012Gear, First Driving
8374020Input Shaft-70001 & 70010
8474021Shifter Sleeve-70001 & 70010
74039U-joint for 74038, 3.25" x 3.625"
 79051Idler Shaft
 79064Belt Retainer
 79081Ring Gear
79091Idler Gear
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