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RaceQuip Suits At Day Motor Sports

Racing had changed a lot in the last 60 years, but nowhere more than the safety precautions drivers are required and encouraged to take to protect themselves.

One of the most vital improvements in driver safety is their suit. These suits have worked miracles, protecting drivers who were engulfed in flame for extended periods of time.

They are, in short, a miracle of modern science.

Day Motor Sports offers a variety of fire retardant racing suits that will ensure your driver comes out safely.

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How Do I Choose The Best Racing Suit?


Racing fire suits are always rated according to SFI standards, and you can normally find these ratings on the wrist or shoulder of the suit itself. These ratings certify certain levels of protection from SFI 3.2A/1 with a TPP value of 6 and SFI 3.2A/20 which has a TPP value of 80.

TPP values are a way of measuring how flame retardant each layer is. Generally speaking, if you half the TPP value you’ll get the number of seconds the layer will protect the driver from receiving second-degree burns.


Suits can contain a different number of layers. Each layer adds to the protection for your driver, doubling the amount of time they can be exposed to flame without sustaining injury. Of course, each layer also makes the suit more expensive, too.

To further increase protection, drivers should also wear flame retardant underwear underneath their driving suits.

Comfort & Fit

After accounting for the safety of the suit, you should consider your driver’s comfort and how it fits. There are both one-piece and two-piece suits available, and your driver should try on both and see how they feel.

RaceQuip Racing Suits

Since 1975 RaceQuip has been providing high-quality, affordable racing safety gear. Their racing fire suits are made exceptionally well, SFI rated, and designed to be used in a variety of race types.

Single Layer RaceQuip Fire Suits

RaceQuip’s single-layer fire suits are designed for amateur and entry-level professional drivers. Combined with flame retardant underwear they can provide up to 7 seconds of protection in extreme cases.

RaceQuip Chevron-1

The Chevron-1 race suit exceeds SFI 3.2A/1 standards. It features a single layer, Pyrovatex FRC construction that’s designed to provide maximum protection and comfort.

The Chevron-1 is available in both one-piece and two-piece designs, and features a host of comfort features:

  • Side stretch panels
  • Nomex wrist and ankle cuffs
  • Internal pockets
  • Modern Euro-style design

RaceQuip 110 Series

The 110 Series features a TPP rating of 11, far exceeding performance for SFI 3.2A/1 rating. Made from a single layer of Pyrovatex and featuring black epaulets, belt, and collar, it’s a classic design reimagined.

In addition to providing superior protection, the 110 Series has been designed to wear comfortably:

  • Stretch sides
  • Pleated back
  • Internal pockets
  • One-piece or two-piece design

Multi-Layer RaceQuip Suits

RaceQuip’s line of multi-layer fire suits provide superior protection and do it at a great price tag. If you’re serious about safety, these suits are for you.


Just like its single-layer brother, the Chevron-5 is one of RaceQuip’s most popular multi-layer racing suit.

It features a durable Pyrovatex outer layer, a Nomex middle layer, and a liner made from comfortable Pyrovatex. The suit is SFI 3.2A/5 rated, and can protect the wearer from extreme heat for up to 10 seconds.

The suit features 180-degree floating arm gussets and knit stretch panels on the side to add flexibility and comfort. It is available in both single-piece and two-piece variations.

120 Series

The 120 Series is an advancement on RaceQuip’s 110 series racing suit. It exceeds SFI 3.2A/5 standards and has a TPP rating of 25, which can protect drivers from extreme heat for up to 12 seconds.

The suit features a Pyrovatex FRC outer layer, a middle layer composed of Nomex, and a comfortable inner liner made from Pyrovatex FRC. In addition to providing superior protection, it has been designed with comfort and style in mind:

  • Two-piece adjustable belt
  • Pleated back panel for added flexibility
  • Boot cuff pants
  • Black epaulets, belt, and collar