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Percy’s High Performance has taken it upon themselves to seek problems throughout the automotive industry and develop products to solve them This has lead to a development of a diverse line of products ranging from the Adjust-A-Jet metering block that replaces jets on Holley carburetors to our Wheelrite, that allows the installer to test different set-ups by simulating a set of wheels and tires before they purchase them. Percy’s has also revolutionized gasket technologies by developing a line of reusable gaskets as well as a line of exhaust gaskets that can withstand temperatures of over 2000°F. Percy’s gaskets work so well that they are often imitated but never duplicated.

Percy’s is also adamant on keeping their products AMERICAN MADE. Percy’s has been successful in offering the consumer a high quality product as a low competitive price.

Percy’s High Performance will continue to work with professional race teams to research and develop new products that solve problems throughout the industry.

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