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For more than 20 years, Dynatech has focused on new technology to continue producing exhaust systems with superior fit, function, and performance. Racing and engineering advances throughout the industry are bringing a new breed of racing to the tracks. You will see that excitement and new performance technology when you look at Dynatech exhaust products.

Regardless of your racing preference, Dynatech’s virtual reality design systems capture key interference and mounting points under the hood and throughout a car chassis. Tube lengths, diameters and routing can all be designed and manipulated for the perfect fit and increased performance. These precision design systems not only cut design time, but also help create more efficient and more powerful products. All our headers and exhaust systems are tested on dyno equipment to make sure we’re delivering the most horsepower and torque gains for the investment.

At Dynatech, we strive for 100% perfection in all the racing and performance parts we produce. Every product we manufacture goes through proven assembly steps and procedures to provide the end user with a product on which we can stake our reputation. We have instituted numerous fitment and quality control inspections. All high-performance systems are 100% tested to be leak-free. Dynatech provides the finest quality exhaust systems in the industry.

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