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Race Car Driving Shoes

Many drivers put a lot of thought into choosing race car safety gear. To ensure protection, they will spend top dollar on a fire suit, head and neck restraint, and the helmet. But often racing shoes and gloves are a bit of an afterthought.

The truth is, finding the right racing shoe could be the differentiating factor that could save your life on the track. That’s because, in all motorsports, every second counts. A decision made and applied in two seconds could be half a second too late. If your shoes aren’t perfectly fit for the racer, or they are not comfortable, or they constrain movement even a little bit, they could cost a driver the race… and in serious situations, his life.

On the track, it is crucial that your foot can effortlessly move from the gas, clutch, and brake with zero delay or complications.

That’s why at Day Motor Sports, we offer a wide range of racing shoes from the most trusted brands by NASCAR drivers, drag racers, sprint car racing, and everything in between. Many of our racing shoes have excellent SFI ratings and are built for the toughest racing conditions.

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Many of our race car racing shoes are SFI 3.3A/5. They have been tested and proven to be completely safe for the road. SFI means these shoes will keep you from burns in the case of a severe collision where fire occurs. Should this ever happen to you, you will be glad you purchased the highest safety rated racing shoes on the market.

High-top and mid-top racing shoes are the most popular style because they provide extra support, comfort, and safety on the track.

We offer a wide range of styles from the brands you love, including:

  • G-Force
  • Racequip
  • Impact
  • Simpson
  • Velocita
  • And more!