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Head & Neck Restraint Systems | Hans Devices & Hybrids

Since Dale Earnhardt’s death in 2001, NASCAR has required all drivers to wear a Head and Neck Support on the track to prevent basilar skull fracture. Since then, many motorsports have followed suit.

Head and neck restraints are crucial to keep every driver safe on the road. No matter your motorsport, DMS has the safety equipment you need to give you confidence on the road.

Every HANS device and HANS hybrid at Day Motor Sports is 38.1 certified and ensures the highest level of safety on the track. Each piece has been tested and proven road-ready before it ever is sold at our store.

We offer a variety of HANS devices and Simpson Hybrid Series, including adult sizes and youth head and neck restraint systems.

As a one-stop-shop for race car safety equipment, when you need quality head and neck restraints for the track, Day Motor Sports is the only supplier you need.

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More About Head & Neck Restraints

Head and Neck Restraint Systems are designed to protect the driver from neck stress and head excursion in the event of a crash. While there are my types of these devices, HANS is the most popular. The Head and Neck Restraint System is specifically designed to be effective without relying on nets or structures for helmet impact.

Every device you’ll find at DMS is SFI 38.1 certified, meeting industry and standards and most race track rules.

Reliable HANS devices are durable and require little upkeep. They can often last for many years without replacing the equipment, unless they are used to save a driver’s life. So when you buy a HANS device or Sampson Hybrid Series from Day Motor Sports, you can trust the quality and be confident that your investment will be absolutely worth it.

While many types of racing head and neck restraints exist, HANS Devices are the preferred and most trusted in nearly every motorsport, including NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, USAC, Formula 1, WOO, more.

Head & Neck Restraint Systems We Offer

The Simpson HANS III

As the third generation of HANS device, the HANS III is designed with a new hollow collar, which minimizes the weight of the device without compromising its strength. The Simpson head and neck restraint is one of the most trusted HANS devices for Nascar, Formula 1, and many more auto racing types.

Sizes - It is crucial to select the right size when you’re looking for a HANS head and neck restraint.

If your device is too small, it will be uncomfortable, distracting you on the track. This could cost you the race. A device that is too large may not provide the protection you really need. So be careful to choose the size built for your body type.

Simpson HANS device sizes are as follows:

Youth/Small Neck Size - 12.5” - 14.5”
Medium Neck Size - 14.5” - 17.5”
Large Neck Size - 17.5” - 20.5”

Simpson Hybrid

The Simpson Hybrid Sport is a high quality head and neck restraint that has undergone serious testing for safety. This hybrid hans device is made from composite and carbon fiber and is the most durable hybrid device on the market.

Sizes - Be sure to choose your size carefully to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

Simpson Hybrid head and neck restraint sizes are as follows:

Youth Chest Size - 26” - 30”
Small Chest Size - 36” - 40”
Medium Chest Size - 40” - 44”
Large Chest Size - 44” - 48”

Impact Stand21 Club III

The Impact Stand 21 Club III frontal head restraint is designed to be lightweight, affordable, and extremely tough. Designed using thermoplastic-injected resin and reinforced with carbon fiber, this device is truly one of a kind. No other head restraint at this price can compete. The Impact Stand21 Club III is SFI 38.1 Certified and FIA 8858-2010 Homologated, which makes it suitable safety gear in many motorsports around the world.

Sizes - Choosing the right size can be the difference between winning and losing, safety and injury, and comfortable and awkward.

Impact Device sizes are as follows:

Medium Neck Size - 13.5” - 17”
Large Neck Size - 16” - 20”


The Zamp's Series 2A is a fully adjustable head and neck restraint. This device can accommodate multiple race seats and any body size for shoulder width, arm width, and arm angle. The Zamp Z-Tech 2A is a SFI 38.1 head and neck restraint, meeting the highest of racing standards.

When you’re looking for a HANS head and neck support system or hybrid device you can count on when you’re on the track, nobody beats Day Motor Sports. Choose from our selection of sizes and styles to ensure total protection and maximum comfort. If you have questions about any of our head and neck restraint products, please contact us any time — 800-543-6238.

You can also shop our large selection of racing helmets, helmet supports, seat belts, HANS quick clicks, sliding tethers, and more.