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SUPERIOR FUEL CELLS - product showcase

Superior Fuel Cells was first developed by Paul Culp in 2011, while a partner in X-Factor Race Cars. Paul wanted a fuel cell that was safe yet served a purpose to control weight bias, sloshing, and help improve air flow under the car. After research and development over a year’s time the first racing fuel cell was ready for competition.

Paul split ways with X-Factor Race Cars in 2012 taking his product and design with him. Putting it on the back burner until 2014, since then we have been one of the fastest growing fuel cell companies in America.

Superior Fuel Cells is being used by some of the top Chassis Manufacturers in America. MB Customs, Roth Race Cars, Shaw Race Cars, GRT Race Cars, Beakbuilt Race Cars, Iroc Race Cars, Cam Chassis, Ruhlman Race Cars, Close Racing Supply, Long Horn Chassis, Trak Star Race Cars, Lightening Chassis, and Western Flyer Race Cars are to name a few that use Superior Fuel Cells. Many top nationally recognized drivers such as, Kyle Strickler, Jordan Grabouski, Terry Phillips, Ryan Ruter, Corey Dripps, and Rusty Schenk to name a few….

Superior Fuel Cells would like to thank all of our current customers and look forward to working with any and all racers and chassis builders around the world.

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