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Brake Pad Compounds:

C1: Compound is designed for medium to low brake temperatures and provides good cold bite while being rotor friendly.
C2: Compound is designed for a wide range brake temperatures and provides excellent cold bite and aggressive braking power.
SR32: Compound is designed for right front of dirt cars where low grip is needed to help brake bias in front brake.
SR33: Compound is designed for improved stopping power over C1 compound and has a wider temperature range that will reduce brake fade (Made for front and rear)
SR34: Compound is designed for reduced amount of glazing for improve stopping power and higher temperature range. (Made for rear brakes)

DTC-50: Very high torque with aggressive initial bite, excellent modulation and release characteristics, wide temperature operating range between 300° and 1400°, high temperature fade resistance, brake pads designed for cars with extremely high deceleration rate needs.
DTC-30: Provides unique control of brake torque allowing later and deeper brake use into the corners, while requiring less pedal effort and shorter pedal engagement times.
DTC-15: A medium torque compound with superior release characteristics and excellent cold effectiveness.
DTC-05: Developed for drivers who prefer lower brake torque. This friction formulation provides very controllable, higher temperature performance as compared to stock pads.

BP-10: Medium friction economy compound, increased friction characteristics for entry level and low to medium temps.
BP-20: Medium-duty pad used in moderate temperature and conditions. Consistent, predictable response through the temperature range after minimal warm up.
BP-40: Heavy-duty aggressive pad for extreme temperatures and conditions. Also used with SA series stainless steel rotors. Very high heat fade resistance.
B: Heavy-duty aggressive pad for extreme temperatures and conditions. Smooth, predictable engagement with excellent control.
H: Extreme-duty pad used in high temp applications. Also used with SA series stainless steel rotors. Long wear rate for durability in sustained high heat.
E: Medium friction, high effective temperature range in medium temperature pad group. Smooth engagement, flat torque curve. Low wear rate.
CM: Medium to high friction compound with a steadily increasing torque curve as temperatures rise. For specialty alloy rotors such as titanium and light weight steel.
SM: Medium friction compound with very little change in friction throughout its temperature range. Good wear and friction properties with a moderate temperature range.

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