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Nomex Underwear Sets at Day Motor Sports

In the last 50 years, racing has made dramatic improvements to fire safety.

The most dramatic improvements were for driver safety. A modern racecar driver can expect to be reasonably protected from fire while crews work to get them out of their vehicle. What was once impossible is now commonplace.

Part of this is due to the layering of Nomex clothing and outerwear, including Nomex underwear.

Day Motor Sports offers a large selection of fireproof underwear, outerwear, and other racing gear that can help keep your driver safe if the worst happens.

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The Benefits of Nomex Underwear

A lot of drivers, especially if they mostly drive in warmer clients, question the value of adding another layer of clothing to their protective gear.

But aside from protecting your driver, flame retardant underwear serves another important purpose.

Most Nomex underwear sets use moisture-wicking fabric to help keep your driver cool throughout the race.

This material draws away sweat and moisture into the capillaries in the fabric. This allows the ambient temperature to evaporate the moisture.

The result is a layer of clothing that cools your driver as the moisture evaporates, keeping them more comfortable–and safer.

How To Select The Right Fire Retardant Underwear


Fireproof tops are moisture-wicking, helping your driver stay cool and comfortable throughout the race. Most fireproof underwear tops are long sleeve, but short sleeve options do exist.

Of course, long-sleeved tops will provide more protection for the arms.

Sizing follows traditional XS-XXXL scales.


All fireproof underwear bottoms cover the whole leg. Much like tops, they’re moisture-wicking fabric designed to help keep your driver cool even though they’re wearing another layer.

Tops and bottoms are generally made from stretchy fabric. This makes them easier to move in and more comfortable.


Fireproof socks come in ankle-length and calf-length. Calf-length Nomex socks can provide more protection for the lower leg.

Both styles can come in either traditional or compression socks, which can promote blood flow and reduce the build-up of lactic acid.

Face Protection

A lot of drivers also opt to wear a balaclava for added protection from flames. These cover the entire head, minus the eyes.

Balaclavas are one-size-fits-all pieces of equipment, and in addition to added protection for you–they can also protect the lining of your helmet.

RaceQuip Fireproof Underwear At Day Motor Sports

RaceQuip is one of the most popular manufacturers of racings safety equipment in the nation. They believe in providing high-quality materials & construction at a price point that even amateur teams can afford.

RaceQuip fireproof racing underwear is SFI 3.3 rated and manufactured with a mix of aramid and flame resistant cotton fabrics. This provides comparable protection to Nomex while being breathable, comfortable–and more affordable.

RaceQuip’s proprietary fabric blend provides superior moisture-wicking. This flame resistant underwear set will provide superior protection to fire and help your driver feel comfortable–even in the summer.