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Product Description

  • 2 BBL
  • 500 CFM
  • Gasoline

All aluminum construction - for nearly 50% weight savings over zinc version, No choke tower for un-obstructed airflow. Billet aluminum metering block for improved durability, true gasket sealing, good looks 6061T6 Billet aluminum baseplate Throttle shaft rides in oil impregnated sintered bronze bushings for smooth throttle actuation Slash-cut vent tube Contoured hex head squirter screw for streamlined airflow. Air bleeds moved outward to allow a smoother transition of airflow. Air cleaner flange centered over venture for improved airflow and performance. 5/16-18 bent air cleaner stud included. Down-leg boosters for improved fuel signal. Knurled (hand adjustable) curb idle screw allows for easy idle adjustment without the use of tools. Set screw for wide open throttle stop adjustment. Dedicated race-only throttle lever with all unnecessary street attachment points and tangs removed. "Fuel shelf below the needle and seat to greatly minimize fuel aeration and promote more consistent metering" Internal baffling.